R72 Rain Repellent

Akfix R72 is a product designed for increasing rainy weather driving comfort with repelling rain from vehicle glasses

  • Thanks to the product’s special composition, vehicle glasses become  brighter and smoother.
  • Also provides a comfortable ride with repelling rain drops from side  and rear glasses on vehicle.
  • Water repelling property prevents corrosive components in the rain  water to effect to the application surface.
  • Makes easy to clean any kind of dirt from surfaces.
  • Prevents formation of permanent lime stains.
  • Glasses gain a high quality protective property.
  • The content doesn’t harm the environment.
  • You can easily see the product’s water repellency property after 40 km/h with your vehicle.
  • Decreases the windshield wiper use up to %90.  
  • Glass ( plexy glass, glass block etc.) and glazed facades,
  • Shower cabins,
  • Factory, workplace, house, mall etc. glasses,
  • Solar panels,
  • All vehicle glasses (automobile, train, bus, truck, ship etc.),
  • Motorcycle helmet visors,
  • Phone booths, bus stations, billboards,
  • Greenhouse glasses,
  • Bath tubs and sinks,
  • Traffic lights, traffic signs,
  • Roof tops glass panels. 

S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
- R72 - 200 ml 24 - -

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