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C105 Debonder Spray

An aerosol product with high penetration properties that attacks and dissolves cured or uncured cyanoacrylate adhesive from even most closed surfaces

  • Easy spray usage,
  • It can penetrate into even most closed surfaces where hard to reach the adhesive,
  • Does not contain any methylene chloride
  • Used in debonding the incorrectly bonded parts or in cleaning the adhesive residues from laminated MDF, metal and some plastics and rubber surfaces in industrial manufacturing environments,
  • It can be also used to remove mistakenly bonded body parts like fingers.
  • Preliminary test may be needed before using on plastics and paints as Debonder-Gel may be incompatible with certain plastic and paints.

S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
XA105 C105 - 200 ml. 24 - -

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