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E350 Steel Epoxy

Akfix E350 is a fast cure two-component adhesive based on epoxy. A rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive / encapsulant. It forms a hard, rigid bond or coating in minutes.

  • Resistant to water, alkalis and diluted acid solutions.
  • 5 minute feature time.
  • 100% reactive, no solvents.
  • No color change, cracking or shrinkage during hardening period.
  • Over paintable, can be sandpapered and drilled.

Epoxy Adhesive;

  • Cures fast for quick metal to metal bonding and repairs
  • Pots and encapsulates electronic components and assemblies
  • Seals against dust, dirt and contamination
  • Fast-curing, thin set, bonding above 4ºC
  • Suitable for bonding metals, fabrics, ceramics, glass, wood and concrete (in combinations)

Epoxy Putty;

  • Bonding and repairing of materials including aluminum, glass, ceramic, porcelain
  • In sea vehicles, automobiles, caravans and water pipes
  • Stopping the leakage of water, fuel and oil tanks
  • Repairing of engine block cracks and closing up radiator holes
  • Bonding of metal surfaces

S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
EA112 E350 Syringe 56 gr. 12 - -
EA105 E350 Putty 57 gr. 48 - -

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